Project is by definition the effort targeting the product or service development. In order to achieve the best results in a project - a new software implementation, launch of a new product or even a new logistic system - it is not enough to have good ideas. What has been planned has to be achieved, and else, has to work. That is why project management exists.

It is not considered exaggerated to say that project management has been practised since the ancient times. Without it the Egyptians could never have built the spectacular pyramids. Someone had to define each one's tasks, time frame, feed stock supply, etc.

What is currently known as project management has evolved from NASA space program in the late 50s. In the competition against the Russians, the American agency had to develop the space crafts in tight time frames and a controlled budget, in spite of the huge government investment.

Nowadays the know-how acquired during that process is available to companies from different business segments. A successful project should, after all, achieve the objectives defined at the outset. But to accomplish this there must be a balance between milestone achievement and cost control. These are some of the fields where ProResult can support your company.